Die Like A Dog by John J. Wells | Book Review

Title: Die Like A Dog

Author: John J. Wells

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Publication: Outskirts Press

Release Date: 26 November 2019

My Rating: 4/5


Someone is killing the dogs of London, Maine, and Bill Williams is convinced that one of his neighbors, influenced by some mysterious event that occurred at a high school graduation seventeen years before, is responsible. But which one? It might be any of them: Eleanor Bird, the village tyrant, who collects other people’s secrets and exploits them ruthlessly; her son Eddy, a preoccupied country realtor who, people say, isn’t at all as simple as he seems; Roy Emory, once the boy genius who went off to the ivy leagues and wound up in jail and now lives as a hermit back in the London woods; his parents, Charlie and Kristin, who are afraid of him and struggling over a failing business; Rosie Brig, a school teacher who becomes infatuated with the wrong men, first Roy Emory and then Sean Winder, the high school hero who gave up on college to run his father’s general store and marry the shy and self-effacing Patricia instead of his fiancée Rachel Morgan who, recently widowed, has returned to London to claim him; or Linc Mundy, owner of the local garage and a professed dog hater. Bill is very much afraid that, if the guilty party is not identified soon, the nightmare will only grow darker.
And then people start to die ….

Die Like A Dog by John Wells is a mystery thriller with an unusual storyline that I haven’t read before. This story is mainly based on the lives of different breed dogs who are being killed by an unknown Psycho killer living in the city of Maine, London.

Bill Williams is the main protagonist of this story who had just moved to a house which was unoccupied for years in the same city and later on developed a good rapport with people out there. He was living alone with his dog Leo, that was so affectionate with him. After some days, Bill’s only grandson Timothy relocates from Hong Kong to Maine to be with his grandfather for a month. Lot more thrill begins from that.

It seems almost every family in London have their own dog. I have seen dog parks in some movies before, but reading about it with some interesting facts was a different experience.

Coming to the story, there were so many characters and each one of their roles was equally mysterious. I disliked the lead female character Eleanor Bird for creating so many unpleasant incidents with her arrogant and authoritative behaviour.

I liked the author’s writing style and detailed descriptions of every crime scene. I also appreciate how the author made the story move at a consistent pace without losing the thrill of the story. This book gave me no clue to guess the killer till the very end which made this read even more interesting.

The suspense elements were beautifully carried throughout the book. At some places, I felt puzzled about the connection between all the things happening around. But in the end, everything was so clear. The climax was shocking and something I didn’t expect.

*Thanks to the author for the review copy!*